Minimizing Texas Motorcycle Accidents: An Overview

Many people have an appreciation for motorcycles. This is because of their flexibility and their ability to maneuver any terrain, especially where vehicles may not. They are also great when escaping traffic jam. Although they help people reach their destination faster, they are highly prone to accidents.

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Motorcycle accidents are fatal; since motorcyclists don’t enjoy the protection of an entire metallic body that encloses people, like for cars. Therefore, motorcyclists and passengers are more susceptible to multiple injuries in the event an accident occurs than other vehicle users. Motorcycle accidents have been on the rise in Texas, and it’s sad to note that the higher the number of purchases of motorcycles the higher the number of motorcycle fatalities.

Causes of motorcycle accidents in Texas

The major cause of motorcycle accidents is the failure to yield; by either the motorists or other road users. Also, in a bid to rush and reach their destinations faster, some of the motorcyclists overlook some traffic rules and signs. This poses danger to all motorists on the road sometimes makes accidents unavoidable. The lack of training for most motorcyclists also plays a great role in heightening the risk of accidents on any road. While over speeding also increases the chances of even much fatal accidents.

How to avoid motorcycle accidents in Texas

1. Wear a helmet

Wearing a helmet has its advantages in that it protects your head in case of an accident. It also prevents brain damage. Whether it is a requirement by the authorities or not, you should wear a helmet whenever you are on a motorcycle. Commercial motorcyclists should also have an extra helmet for their passengers.

2. Train on riding a motorcycle

Training and gaining motorcycle skills is the first step towards ensuring your safety on the road and that of other road users. There are different categories and levels of skills depending on how much knowledge you want on the motorcycle. Nonetheless, you need to heed your training to ensure safe driving all the time. For passengers on motorcycles, it’s always necessary to ensure that your cyclist is well trained before you get on their bike. You could ensure this by checking their licenses and enhance your chance of getting to your destination safely.

3. Avoid alcohol use while cycling

Alcohol use can impair one’s capability to ride appropriately. By avoiding taking alcohol when you are about to ride you are ensuring the safety of your passenger, and everyone you meet on the road. Given that motorcycles don’t offer much protection like cars; the motorcycle accident as a result of drug use could be fatal. Hence take another rider with you to take you home after you are done or better still, avoid the use of the motorcycle and call a cab.

4. Observe speed limits

Motorcyclists usually seem to have an advantage compared to other drivers on the road. For this reason, they may seem to take advantage of this and over speed to show a little superiority or even brag, but it doesn’t always end well. As they are at high speed trying to overtake a car, a lot of negative things could happen.

Many accidents occur when the motorcyclists are overtaking. Many are the times that vehicle drivers argue that they did not see the motorcycle. Most of the accidents occur as they are trying to overtake a car, and the cyclist is hit from the back and often thrown off the bike. In the case of high speed they may be thrown too far and into another lawn of oncoming cars. Hence if you decide to take up motorcycling, please be sure to observe the speed limits and all the road rules as per your training. This way a lot of risks for accidents will be avoided.

Making motorcycle injury claims

Like any other motorist on the road; a motorcyclist has a certain level of responsibility to other road users and their passengers as well. Anyone who suffers damages as a result of motorcycle accidents, therefore, could claim damages suffered.

It is thus the duty of the plaintiff to prove that duty of care was owed to them and that the motorists were negligent and forfeited their duty. Hence, causing harm, and that the damages suffered were as a result of the motorist’s negligence. They also need to quantify the damages that they incurred. To be able to have a good claim, or rather have their claims paid, there is hence need for an attorney. The State of Texas offers the best motorcyclist injury attorneys you could ever ask. Just make time to know what you want then talk to the attorney. However, you could check their expertise beforehand or even inquire about their years of experience which will give you more confidence in their services.

Although there has been a rise in the number of motorcycle accidents, the rate of accidents can be reduced. This will save the lives of all the passengers and motorists who could otherwise lose their lives on the roads, on motorcycles. A good way to do this could be by educating the public on the need for road safety, and better still safety on the motorcycle. This way they will be keen to ensure that only trained persons carry them which reduces the risk of accidents. Also, they could embrace the use of helmets that are a sure way to protect their head against damage in the event of an accident. Just like any driver on the road, it is always good to avoid the use of alcohol or any other distractions on the road; which ensures your safety and that of other passengers. The safety on the road is not enforceable by anyone but the road users. Hence take the initiative to always be on the right side. This is the first great step to road safety and avoiding motorcycle accidents, Texas.

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