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In Houston, TX, drunk driving is a serious problem which has prompted actions by the State of Texas and local officials that are aimed at resolving & reducing the occurrence of DWI offense in Houston. In Texas, thousands of people die on a yearly basis as a result of drunk driving accidents and the state and city is doing everything it can to positively affect change. With the increased focus of police agencies on DWI enforcement, large numbers of Houstonians are being arrested resulting in many of them seeking to find the best DWI defense attorney they can find.

Criminal Charges & Penalties

A person that is being charged with their second DWI in Texas can face a number of criminal penalties as well. This is why it is very important that they have a lawyer.

  • A person may be looking at a fine of up to $4,000. In addition to this they may have to spend one month to one year in jail.
  • A judge can also order that a person serve between 80 and 200 hours of community service.
  • A second DWI may indicate to the judge that a person has a substance abuse problem and they may need to undergo an evaluation or enter rehabilitative treatment.

An experienced Houston DWI Lawyer is needed to keep their client out of jail and keep them from having to pay this large fine.

Houston DWI Lawyer

When a person is accused of this second DWI in Texas they need a lawyer that works with DWI cases. The lawyer will take several measures in order to help their client. It is important that the lawyer have the confidence to stand up to the arresting officer. They will question if the officer has probable cause to stop their client and the reason as to why they suspected their client was under the influence. They will also question if the officer had the proper qualifications to perform the sobriety tests. If the officer did not have the proper training to use the breath test the results may be inaccurate.

If there is evidence against their client the lawyer may be able to get them a plea deal. This can help keep a person from going to jail and may lower the fine that they have to pay. The lawyer may be able to get their client a lesser charge and may even be able to keep them from getting a second DUI on their driving record.

The state of Texas takes driving while under the influence charge very seriously. If a person is suspected of driving while under the influence for a second time they may be looking at some serious consequences. The lawyer may be able to get the charges reduce and save a person from some heavy fines or even jail time.

DWI and DUI Related

Well, here we go folks, the great state of Texas is implemented interlock ignition DWI detection equipment for punishments related to the enforcement of the criminal code as it relates to drunk driving in Texas.

In cities like Houston this will have a major impact on the attitudes of drivers who normally drink and drive without getting intoxicated, but are afraid of the possibility for being stopped in possession of an open container and being forced through the embarrassment of such a device being attached to their vehicle.

AMARILLO, TEXAS — Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a bill with the aim of cutting down on drunk driving.
HB 2246 was signed into law and it requires judges to punish a DWI offender with a license suspension or the installation of an ignition interlock.

“They’ll get in the car, they’ll turn the key on, and then they have to do a blow,” said Rob Robertson, with Auto Trim Design. “When they do a blow, it monitors the alcohol content. So, if it’s a clean blow, they start the car and leave.”

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They may as well make folks put banners on their back windshields that read “I am a drunk driver”.

Even though I am saying bad things about the new ignition interlock for DWI offenders being forced on first-time mistake makers, I do understand the need to curb the problem of drunk driving in Houston, and the state of Texas as a whole. Also, it may give offenders a chance to learn a lesson without being forced to serve jail time.

They will pay however. I’m sure the courts will force the cost of this implementation directly down on the defendants, which will likely create vast sums of revenues for the people who make, own, maintain, build, and sell the devices. Considering the corruption in America, this law is probably based on nothing but earning profit, as most laws and regulations are.

DWI and DUI Related

Facing double life in prison for DWI is one thing, but being sentenced to a double life sentence for drunk driving is a different matter entirely. If you’ve been arrested for a DWI in Houston, TX, and are facing felony charges, we strongly recommend making contact with Houston DWI Attorney Tad Nelson. His law offices is located at;

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