Cocaine Wars: Drug Mules

Enter the danger zone of the cocaine drug and see ways in which mules attempt to bring cocaine into America and Europe. Drug dealers don’t hesitate to kill anyone who stands in the way of their billion dollar industry. Cocaine is trafficked by submarine, air freight, and more commonly, human traffickers.

Cocaine Wars – Crime Documentary

We’ve taken the time to outline the more interesting points about the cocaine trafficking video in the list of points below. Although few have really seen how drug dealers and cocaine smugglers operate, they will now.

  • Every year over 450 tons of cocaine come into the United States from Columbia.
  • A good attorney will see many cocaine distribution cases every year as a result of mules attempting to bring cocaine into the Unites States over the Texas-Mexico border.
  • In some cases, DEA and local police will conduct airport sweeps in an attempt to interdict cocaine coming in to the U.S.
  • Dogs are often used to flag suspicions bags that have the scent of cocaine on them.
  • Mules often use religious medallions thinking it will protect them from being caught trafficking cocaine by police.
  • In many cases, gorgeous females from cocaine producing countries will seduce men into trafficking drugs for them. Believe it or not, these men often will conduct drug trafficking activities on behalf of these women and they usually end up in jail for their efforts.
  • In many cases, drug lords control entire communities making it difficult for people who want to help police to do so. Living in fear of your life as a result of being a snitch or a police informant is probably not a good idea.
  • The people who package the drugs that enter cross the border get paid in excess of 10,000.00 per month. The drug is hidden in books, electronic devices, the human body, small animals, clothing, vehicles, and use many other strategies to export their dope.
  • Liquified cocaine is created due to the ease of shipment, however, the smell of cocaine is unmistakable and is easy for drug sniffing dogs to sniff out.
  • In some case, people will swallow pellets of cocaine to the tune of many kilos in order to attempt to stake their claim to drug trade dollars.
  • Every year in Houston, and in other major American cities, people are arrested all the time for criminal offense involving cocaine. This usually due to a lack or foresight with regard to career opportunities outside of those like drug trafficking which can leave one to rot in prison for years.
  • Heroin is also trafficked in much the fashion as cocaine.

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